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Tourists, hen parties and locals mill around the hyper-trendy nightclubs, crowded bars and seedy sex shops in the area. Sometimes, he says, the bouncers single him out in the queue and discreetly tell him not to bother even trying. Becker is adamant that clubs don't discriminate on the basis of skin color.

"No, there is definitely no quota for black people - or yellow, or green or whatever else!

"Bouncers need to get the mix right: you don't want people coming to a club, just because there's free beer.

You want people who fit in and appreciate the music! 'No quota for black people' Becker runs an Irish pub, tucked away up an alley off the heaving Reeperbahn, Hamburg's red light district and clubbing scene.

While our Hamburg hostel provides a bar, café and more on-site, there’s an unmatched selection of culture awaiting you beyond our walls.

In fact, Hamburg boasts over forty theatres, over sixty museums and well over 100 music venues and clubs awaiting your custom.

Whether near or far, everything you need to see is easily within reach with public transport placed conveniently close by. There are few skyscrapers here, leaving plenty of time to feast your eyes on architectural wonders including an enormous collection of landmarks, churches, canals and bridges to outshine that of any European city.

The Turkish and black men were singled out at all five of them.

Pervasive discrimination Birte Weiß from Basis and Woge, who organized the experiment, says she wasn't entirely surprised by the results: "Well, of course we're aware of the discrimination migrants face here in Hamburg." But she was shocked at how clear-cut the results were.

Our dishes take their inspiration from street food; our beer is always local.

On top of that, our events calendar is kept gratifyingly busy all year round so there’s something for you to come home to after a day’s holidaymaking! Then Parallel will keep you up-to-date on what’s up-and-coming.

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