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Herb and Patty said, “We are happy she is going to be part of this documentary and believe that this story should be told as it really happened.“Arianna’s part is important because it will show how the dress originated, talk about why it is used, and show how the dress is used through generations of dancers as a healing dress and one that is highly respected.” Patty and Adrienne Benjamin will be the dressmakers for the film project. and Canada that say the jingle dress originated in their territory or reservation,” said Natalie, who is the grant manager for the arts board funding.After so many times of dreaming, he told his wife about it and she told him maybe we better do something about the dream and she asked him to describe the dresses to her.She got together with some ladies in the village and they made those dresses according to how they looked in the dreams.The man also showed his wife how they danced in his dreams and the wife then showed the ladies how they danced.During one of the drum ceremonies, when they had a break, he got up and announced his dream and introduced the dresses and he brought them out.

As they danced through the evening eventually she sat up and she kept looking.High into the night, she was up dancing with the ladies in the jingle dresses. The Mille Lacs people later on gifted the jingle dress to our Canadian relatives and also to White Earth Nation. The White Earth people gifted the Lakota people the jingle dress and then the story of the jingle dress took off.Now, the colors of the jingle dress have a connection to the big drum ceremonies, but it was not explained to me.The traditional jingle dress dancers never carried fans and never wore eagle feather and never wore leggings.They only had a belt and carried a small bag with them.

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Later this month the trio, along with other Band members, will begin working on a documentary about the jingle dress.

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