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It’s the sort of incident that the title character Waller-Bridge plays in another series, Fleabag, would find delightful. “I have two degrees, a husband, and a Burberry coat.” “You shat in a sink,” Fleabag rapturously retorts.

A Spectre Calls is the fourth episode of the fourth series of Being Human which was first broadcast on 26th February 2012.

They’re both funny, foul-mouthed, and sexually frank, vaulting Waller-Bridge into the treasured, slowly expanding, still predominantly white ranks of dramedy’s unladylike ladies — its Schumers, Dunhams, and Soloway-Hahns, its Raes and Blooms, and its Wiigs, whose Bridesmaids Waller-Bridge has cited as a milestone and to whom she's given a nod with the whole sink-shitting episode.

Waller-Bridge’s saltiness includes plenty of gags about and scenes of sex, but it’s as part of a larger interest in intimate awkwardness — she’s a more general connoisseur of the animal indignities of the human body, the way its fleshy unpredictability is always there, often in defiance of our attempts at respectability and reserve.

Her character, Lulu, is wrecked from a night of heavy drinking, and has been commiserating with her childhood friend, Anthony (Damien Molony), in the kitchen of the restaurant in which he works.

When he’s called away, she leans over for a whiff of what he’s made, and her appreciation shifts so quickly into hungover heaving that she isn’t able to move away in time — she’s as startled as we are to find herself suddenly disgorging the remains of last night’s liquid dinner.

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Crashing, Channel 4's new flat-share comedy, is set in a disused hospital populated by a gang of property guardians avoiding high London rents. Writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge has said that the US sitcom was an influence, but drawing too many comparisons with that (or Girls or Cold Feet) detracts from the originality of this noisy, sweary, fast-paced show that, going on the evidence of the first half of the run, I think will transcend its millennial-skewed subject matter. There's likeable but spineless Anthony (Damien Molony); his uptight finance Kate (Louise Ford); Anthony's old best friend and bad influence Lulu (Waller-Bridge); estate agent Sam (Jonathan Bailey); shy, confused Fred (Amit Shah); French artist Melody (Julie Dray) and her “muse” divorcée, Colin (Adrian Scarborough).

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