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The Get Client Validation Rules method that you need to implement has one simple function.Using the metadata parameter, you are required to construct one or more Model Client Validation Rules which are returned from the method and used by the framework to output the client-side HTML5 data-* attributes that are necessary for client-side validation.Add a new javascript file in your “Scripts” directory (or subdirectory thereof if you prefer to keep all your js out of the way of the default js provided If you run your code and view source, you’ll notice that your inputs have some extra HTML5 attributes added to them.These attributes are written out because of the Model Client Validation Rule you’ve put together.It turns out that I have to add the following line of Java Script to tell the browser to ignore the Java Script validation for the date fields.It will still get picked up on server side so this was not a deal breaker for me. To check if this solution works , two unit tests were created.

When using Chrome I noticed that my datetime validation in MVC was failing. I had a model with the following Data Annotations on it: All of the above looks ok and works exactly as expected on Firefox and Internet explorer but Chrome was still failing on validation and would not let me submit the form.With Attribute class used inside the test , we are testing actual scenario that is happening inside our app . It seems that when Date Time object is passed to the Reg Exp Attribute , something weird is happening and validation fails. In my scenario those parameters were initialized with zeros My simple regex pattern wont match this string. Result - SUCCESS The Highlighted part is the problem. In my case , I used the string inside test when my app used Date Time object.Result - SUCCESS Yey green light, They passed so it’s working ! To provide client side validation support for your custom validator you need to implement IClient Validatable interface.This interface has one method Get Client Validation Rules which you need to override in your class.

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