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…have you ever had the desire to just rip the chains off and PUT YOUR FULL PERSONALITY out there and be the COMPLETE and ATTRACTIVE person that you know you’re meant to be?? What if these brief “flashes” of pure glory were something that you managed to unleash ??

What you had FULL CONTROL over this, and it became an integral part of WHO YOU ARE?? The type of ridiculous success with women you’d be getting for yourself if you could just DO IT.

, well rounded start to finish, gives you just about everything you need to know with pick-up, with developing your game, fundamentals, you name it. It's a true inspiration for the average guy, for sure.My name is James Schneider and what happened here today was just unbelievable. Definitely buy it, it's worth every penny and you're not going to be disappointed. I wish that this course had been available when I was younger.He really addresses every issue to what you're looking at for having game, not only from the outside. It'll address everything that you're thinking about, you know? I think Jeff's talk today, he talked a lot about his life and personal experiences and I found that very interesting and helpful.Rio explains that Paradigm is geared towards a specific type of reader.“If a guy has really been struggling when it comes to meeting women and hasn’t found any help from other dating courses, this is a great option for him.

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