8 rules for dating your ex dating tips christian woman

Just be respectful and don't shove it in your friend's face for a little while.

Source: i Stock If you're still friends with your friends ex, try not to shove your relationship in your friend's face by posting lots of pictures on social media.

It might be hurtful to your friend if she sees that you are blowing up their ex's Facebook wall.

Refrain from being all over their social media profiles soon after the breakup.

They could be lonely and looking for a surefire way to hurt your friend..do NOT want to be a pawn in this jilted love game!Better to be safe than sorry - stay away from romantic relationships with your friends' exes unless you are looking to lose a BFF!Source: i Stock The best idea is to stay away from her ex in a romantic way for a while, but if you can't do that, then you owe it to her to be honest.Source: i Stock After a relationship ends, your friend might want you to be rude to her ex either by ignoring them or saying mean things. There's no need to be super nice to the ex, but there's also no reason to act rude. If you don't have a personal problem with this person, there's no reason to completely cut them out of your life just because your friend doesn't date them anymore. Related: ‘Should you date a guy who doesn’t see his kids?

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